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Tag 14: How Much Do You Pay For The Success?/ Smoking

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Tag 14: How Much Do You Pay For The Success?/ Smoking

How Much Do You Pay For The Success?

The high earners are prone to stress, anxiety and unhappiness.

Or do you think it is possible to achieve success and eminence in any career, especially one in the City, commerce or industry, without having a flawless personality? Those who are not meeting their own aims develop a sense of failure and become anxious, stressed and depressed.

It is possible for someone to be so clever that they will be welcome in a company, and that their brains alone will ensure that they have a visa to comparatively high office and an excellent salary? If they are too slow and laid-back it is likely that the top jobs will evade them, however clever they may be, unless they have something as well as their intellect to offer.

Success goes to those who are ambitious and prepared to take risks with their own life and prosperity and that of others. They have immense curiosity and are driven. They are people who are goal-orientated, ruthless rather than passive, dominant rather than submissive and confrontational rather than compromising. Charm and manipulative skills are usually the first weapons in any battle for the top so that aggressive characteristics are often well hidden by a covering of charm. Any fiery, assertive side to their nature is exposed only when the going gets rough. You know, sugar catches more wasps than vinegar.

People may envy those who have wealth and power. If they knew them better, however, they wouldn't desire so much. It is satisfying to sit in the chauffeur-driven car; the sadness is that these personalities might be happier if they were humble enough, or had enough insight to know that time spent in the consulting-room chair would be more productive.
Had they been more intellectually gifted they might not now have a happy, domestic life with well-orientated, balanced children. So focused is the would-be achiever, however, that friendships, sexual relations, even families, are unintentionally sacrificed as they struggle to become pack leaders.

Unconscious gestures betray the true colours of a person with a type A personality. All revealing is their impatience with mundane, everyday activities, human frailty and those who are unhelpful to them as they strive to reach the chairman's seat at the board, and have the prettiest woman beside them in bed.

Unless any emotions showing boredom are carefully controlled and gestures that display it are suppressed, the finger tapping, fast talking and dominating speech will indicate the great amount of stress and strain that burden the ambitious. Is multitasking their way of life? Are there not enough hours in the day for their life? Do they dominate the conversation and always bring it back to what they want to talk about? Do they subconsciously select friends and sexual partners because they will be useful to them? How many near things do they have when they drive?

The average successful man may claim to enjoy domestic life and plan an idyllic retirement. In fact he enjoys it for a day or two because of the enforced rest and the pleasure of playing the role of father, husband or host. Often it is all more of a fantasy than reality. Soon he will need his office kingdom as surely as an addict needs his next fix. Success is an aphrodisiac that attracts partners, but after having stripped them, you might say that a successful man may compare himself to a comb for the bald person.

The stress of his life increases prolactin and reduces cortisol hormone levels; it plays havoc with testosteron and oestrogen. Psychologists proved that the successful executive may be impotent or have a low sperm count.

They may be infertile or even anorgasmic, but you know the American saying - you can`t have your cake and eat it? The hope is that a new Bentley is some compensation in their life.
Do you agree?

By the way-


Karriere kann jeder machen. Egal ob Sie Manager, Unternehmer, Dandy oder Schneider sind. Ideen muss man haben und Sie müssen have guts - Mut haben.

So wie ein Unternehmer, der sich in der Nähe von New York den Tuxedo Lake mit Umgebung kaufte. Dort eröffnete er den ritzy - eleganten Tuxedo Park Country Club.

Astors, Harrimans und McDonalds feierten dort ihre lavish - aufwendigen Partys.

Nur ein Mann, ein sehr nobler Mann, ein Dandy, würde ich sagen, lachte nicht immer mit ihnen. Der Schoss von seinem Gehrock ärgerte ihn. So ging der besorgte Dandy zum bespoke tailor - Maßschneider in New York und der Schneider, wie ein Doktor, schnitt den Schoss heraus.

Der glückliche Dandy feierte und lachte wieder in Tuxedo Club und wurde sofort zur beneidenswerten Figur und poster boy - Aushängeschild im Club.

Die Bequemlichkeit des schosslosen Gehrocks wurde bewundert und die Herren fragten diskret nach dem Schneider.

The bottom line - das Ergebnis war: der Tuxedo Club durfte später nur noch im schosslosen Gehrock betreten werden.

Man wusste nicht, wie man dieses Kleidungsstück nennen sollte, also nannte man ihn einfach tuxedo coat, oder tuxedo.

Bei allen offiziellen Veranstaltungen trägt man in Amerika diesen festlichen Anzug aus dem Tuxedo Club.

Deshalb heißt er tuxedo, abgekürzt a tux, nicht: a smoking.